Our chick has fledged!

Our one remaining chick (in the colour birdcam box) earned his wings this morning, fledging before the start of school. A happy ending to a week which saw the other chicks dying off one by one. Maybe we will see it in the school grounds.

New colour birdcam nest box

Today we installed our new bird box which has a colour IR camera. The camera and cabling was supplied through the Derbyshire Schools Birdcam Project. Rather than disturbing the B&W camera setup in our existing nest box, Gardenature kindly sent us an additional box more suited for a colour camera (it has additional side windows covered in perspex).

The box is attached to the north east facing side of the school building, about 3m above the ground and faces a wooded area and the school pond.

A Fresh Start!

After an unseasonably warm weekend, when birds were observed investigating nest boxes and acting in amorous ways, I decided it was time to brave the fleas and clean out the nest box. So gloves on and boiling water in hand, the deed was done. I have been itching ever since! The 26mm hole adaptor, fitted last year to keep the tree sparrow out, has been removed.