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The bird box image refreshes every 10 seconds. Check the time/date stamp to see if the birdcam is currently online.

Occasionally, we also stream live video footage from our Reach Wildlife page.

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B&W Birdcam — 41 Comments

  1. Saw 2 or 3 eggs,then Blue Tit came back, she bury’s herself deep into the nest,sometimes you can’t tell she is there.

  2. Bit of a shock to hear the fate of the Great Tit chicks, I have been looking and just assumed I had missed the parent feeding them. Is the box now cleared or left to nature? I think a parent is on the nest in the Blue Tit box, can just see her through the ‘ball’ of sunlight.

    • We clear out all our nesting boxes at the end of the season in the Autumn Term. The blue tit chicks in the B&W birdcam box are due to hatch at the beginning of this week. The Blue tits were probably quite sensible delaying their brood; hopefully the weather will be better and there will be more food around (Oak tree caterpillars).

      We’ve got an extra colour camera for next year so we will be replacing our B&W one. Any blue tits should then stand out a bit more from the nesting material!

  3. We were never quite sure how many eggs were laid this year as the nesting material was covering them most of the time. It’s been equally difficult to work out how many chicks there are. The most beaks I’ve managed to count this evening has been nine. How many have you managed to count?

  4. You can notice the feathers coming.They should be plenty of food around now and the weather has changed they got everything going for them cant wait to see them leave the nest

  5. The chicks are 2 weeks old now and they now have some feathers and can be seen stretching their wings. Their eyes are also open. There still seem to be 9 chicks which means the parents are kept very busy feeding them. Some of the chicks look bigger than others although this may be because sometimes a few of them are sitting up above the others closer to the camera.

    On average, Blue tit chicks take around three weeks to fledge after hatching bit this may vary for a few days before or after. You may notice the chicks being fed at the hole a day or two before when the adults start to encourage the chicks to leave the box.

  6. The Web Cam had been ‘froze’ for a few days, then I looked this morning and it was working. I could not believe how much they had grown. Must be a good supply of bugs and caterpillars this year.

  7. Only four chicks today and one of them is a lot smaller than the others. The bigger chicks are constantly grooming themselves and occasionally try out their wings. I haven’t seen them jumping up to the hole yet. It’s 9.15pm and as yet an adult hasn’t come in to brood them.
    [Unfortunately the static ftp feed hasn’t been working since yesterday. Hopefully the live stream will keep going over the weekend as we are very close to fledging time).

    • Update 9.30 pm: an adult has settled down with the chicks for the night although she isn’t bothering to cover them to closely.

  8. The chicks have been very active today although I haven’t seen them jumping up at the hole. One of the adults came in to clean out the nest before dark but has left the chicks alone for the night.

  9. First time I have seen both parents in the nest together at 6.00 am. One chick is getting more food than the others. He is stretching his wings and looking at the entrance hole more than his mates. The smaller chick is getting very little food whilst I have been watching.

    • Yes, they’ve been very busy feeding the chicks this morning. One of the bigger chicks looks like its trying to find its own food in the well of the nest. Hopefully the stream will keep going and we’ll see them fledge very soon.

  10. I’ve never known a bunch of chicks so reluctant to leave the nest; modern chicks indeed! A lot of preening and wing flapping going on this morning but they still don’t seem interested in following the adults out of the hole. Perhaps it’s the ready supply of maggots from yesterday’s dead chick which is taking the edge off their hunger! I hadn’t realised how short the life cycle of a fly is. The whole cycle, egg – maggot – pupa – adult, takes less than a week with maggots hatching out in under a day.

    • One left mid-morning. Walking round the school grounds at lunchtime I could hear many fledglings calling from the hedgerows and trees. I could still hear some chicks calling from the Silver Birch Tree Box and also the Car Park Box.

    • I was a bit late looking this morning too and missed them go. They must have had an early start because they had gone by 6.45am. We’ll listen out for them in the school grounds; maybe we will see them visiting the school feeders in a couple of weeks.

      Thanks for watching our birdcams and recording your observations.

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