We Have Chicks!

The Blue tits in the colour birdcam box near the kitchen appear to have given up building their nest and the camera went offline on May 1st. However, today I spotted Blue tits making frequent visits to our other birdcam box outside the Infant classroom. I swapped the live feed over to the other box to find that we have chicks!

Click here for the live feed (a new snapshot is taken approximately every 10s).

I think I’ve counted 7 beaks, how many can you spot? How old do you think they are? (Have a look at pictures of previous broods to help you make your guess). How many times do they get fed over a 15 minute period?


We Have Chicks! — 8 Comments

    • I think we started with 8 but I can also only count 6 today. They are probably feeling the heat today!

  1. Unfortunately we’re down to 5 chicks now and flies have started to arrive. Hope the others fledge soon! Although it’s a bit windy for them on the outside.

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