Viewers’ diary – March 2008

This is where you can post your comments about what you have seen on our colour birdcam during March 2008.

You might see birds checking out the box or roosting at night or even catch an early bird starting to nest!


Viewers’ diary – March 2008 — 4 Comments

  1. A sparrow appeared in our colour birdcam box this morning. Hopefully the blue tits and sparrows can sort out who has the box more amicably this year. Last year, in our old box, a tree sparrow destroyed some of the blue tit eggs.

  2. Sometimes we see two blue tits visit at once. Today, one blue tit spent a few minutes sitting quietly in the box. No sign of nesting.

  3. thanks miss m for the bird cam iv been watching the box alot iv seen a few birds coming in and out,do you think the blue tit might be one of last years babys????

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