Viewers’ diary – April 2008 — 14 Comments

  1. An early morning visit in the morning from a blue tit but still no nesting material. Our black and white birdcam box however is still getting visits from both blue tits and house sparrows and quite a lot of dried grass has been brought in.

  2. Blue tit investigating the box this morning but still no sign of nesting. Maybe he just came in to warm up his feet, there’s snow on the ground.

  3. Not much interest in the new des res Do you think theyre having a problem getting a loan from a building society?

  4. -cough- there’s a fly in the birdcam.. thing.
    it’s making it really hard (impossible) to see what’s going on.

    .. other than squished black fly goodness

  5. I saw a blue tit in the box at breakfast time, then a sparrow visited for a while and left a little present – I hope he comes back to clear up!

  6. There is some moss in the colour birdcam box, the bluetit has probably put it there, maybe they are building a nest.

  7. Hi!!! What a great idea. Not sure how old your students are, but if they are little they might like to read “When Agnes Caws” by Candace Fleming….my children (pre-K and 1st grade, U.S.)really enjoy it.

    Love the students’ artwork. Have fun!

    Mary Lou Buell, Duxbury, Massachusetts
    teacher, Weymouth High School

  8. Your bird box is cool. it’s got loads and loads of different kinds of birds in there. The birds must love it and they must be really comfy and safe!

  9. I saw a blue tit visiting the box in the morning and when I checked back later on, there was a whole lot of moss in it. I hope they carry on nesting this time.

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