Birdcam Videos 2008

Although you can watch “live” images from our birdcams online, they are only snapshots which are updated every 15 seconds. Obviously a lot can happen in 15 seconds, so on this page we will be adding video links featuring video/audio footage from our birdcams, so that your can enjoy what we can see at school, although at a reduced resolution for web viewing.

Feel free to comment on the videos using the box below.

Colour Birdcam Box

Blue tit pinching moss from the nest box

Blue tits in colour birdcam nest box with five eggs

Blue tit turning eggs during incubation

First signs of hatching, eating eggshell

Newly hatched blue tit chick being fed and eggshell removed

Seven 6-day old wriggling chicks

Feeding Failure, it’s far too big! – one week old

10 days old, starting to explore

A very itchy chick, 11th June

Dead chick being removed from the nest after many attempts (not for the faint hearted)

Keeping those wings in good condition, might need them soon!

B&W Birdcam Box

House sparrows making themselves at home in our B&W birdcam box

Blue tits deciding whether to take over the house sparrow box

Newly hatched house sparrows being fed

Three 5-day old chicks being fed and brooded

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