Viewers’ diary B&W Birdcam – May 2008

The birds have built a nest but will they lay eggs? House sparrows and blue tits are still visiting the box but who will win the day? Please share what you see happening in our B&W birdcam box during May by leaving a comment here.


Viewers’ diary B&W Birdcam – May 2008 — 13 Comments

  1. The sparrow may be feathering the nest.The blue tit sometimes comes to sit there and also to steal a bit of grass!

  2. I haven't seen a blue tit in the nest for a few days now. The sparrows are spending a lot more time in the nest, sometimes both together. They bring in all sorts of rubbish including paper! This morning, there has been at least one of the sparrows in the nest most of the time. Perhaps they are now guarding the nest from the blue tits or maybe there is a hidden egg?

  3. there is an egg in b/w box sparrow visited 10.15 extra nesting material in c/box feathers and some other material maybe we are going to have some chicks hope so

  4. Neither sparrow spent the night in the box with the egg but both paid their first visit to check it just before 6am. After a few visits, the female stayed in the nest from about 6.10-6.50am, the male sometimes visiting to dump nesting material on top of the busy female! At about 6.30am the female then decided to take a nap – had she laid an egg? Finally, she left the nest at 6.50am revealing a 2nd egg! The male sparrow visited shortly after to check out the new egg.

  5. All tucked up for the night. Can't tell whether it is the male or female house sparrow roosting in the box tonight.

  6. No more eggs this morning, so it looks like three is it! The sparrows have been taking it in turns to incubate the eggs today, leaving them uncovered very rarely and for only short periods of time.

  7. The house sparrows are continuing to incubate the eggs between them, never leaving the nest unattended. We are not sure how many eggs were laid because the sparrows rarely get off them! We think there may be 3-5 eggs – time will tell!

  8. In are black and white bird cam there is a sparrow that never leaves the nest.The pearants take it in turns watching the nest. The sparrows nest is coverd with feathers and twigs. In other box the blue tit comes out of the nest sometimes.

  9. The birdcam went offline last night after a powercut. After resetting it today, I could only see 2 chicks. Only the female seems to be tending the chicks and they didn't seem as lively as usual. Has something happened to the male house sparrow and will the female be able to raise the remaining chicks on her own?

  10. Sadly, it looks like the remaining two chicks have also died today. Although the female house sparrow spent the night in the box with the chicks, she didn't return during the day to feed them.

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