Birds out and about – 2008 — 33 Comments

  1. The jackdaws must have started nesting. I saw one this morning trying to break a stick with its beak. When it couldn’t, it just took off with the whole stick which was longer than the bird!

  2. i saw a blackbird in our front garden and it had nesting material in its beak, and it flew to our back garden and back to the front again and collected more grass.

  3. At my house i sore two bluetit and it had a stick in its mouth i think it is macking a nest it is two days ago. i hope there will be some babbie.

  4. I cleaned out the stale seeds from my thistle tube feeder and put fresh ones in. Some beautiful goldfinches soon found them. Last year, around 8-10 fledgling goldfinches sat along our fence waiting to be fed by their parents. I hope we get more nesting goldfinches this year.

  5. In the morning there were four sparrows perched on our tree. They were taking the moss we had put in the feeder, to help build their nest in next doors bird boxes.
    A dunnock has been spending a lot of time on our patio picking up what other birds have dropped.
    Rooks seem to like the bread we put out for them!
    The blackbirds don’t really seem to be coming for the food we put out anymore, occasionally coming for the apples.
    It has taken some time for the birds to get use to the sunflower nut feeder, eventually the blue tits took a liking to the feeder.

  6. Amazing scenes today. The usual tranquility of birds feeding in our garden was rather disturbed by a sparrowhawk, who took the meaning of ‘bird table’ rather too literally…Having sussed out the scene from a distant vantage point, he(?)swooped but narrowly missed his intended prey. Quick re-target: saw several finches had taken shelter in a large thorny bush, flew around and chased (like a cat chasing a mouse)a finch around the bush three times, and into it once! Gosh,they panicked! Then, unsuccessful, couldn’t quite reach them, sulked back to his vantage point. This was repeated several times during the day with pretty much the same result.
    Needless to say, the bird tables were rather sparse for some time afterwards!

  7. Wow! I saw a heron land on next door’s hedge – it was hastily mobbed by a mass of angry jackdaws and blackbirds. Crikey. It was a whopper, most probably after the fish in the pond. The heron was a stunning beauty.
    It had a massive beak and was immensely larger than the other garden birds, who registered the stunning heron as a threat.
    Then next door’s dog chased her away, unfortunately, so we couldn’t get a shot of the whopper.

    Here is a poem I wrote about the heron after witnessing it perching on next door’s hedge.

    This bird, a massive great-winged whopper.
    The blackbirds and jackdaws tried to stop ‘er.
    [edit this bit out]In a jealous rage, they all attacked,
    And blood squirted from the heron’s back. [/edit]
    (don’t worry, the heron was okay,
    it lived to fly another day!)
    The heron perched on the garden’s fence,
    Its size in comparison quite immense.
    It had a great enormous beak,
    And it’s coat was soft and sleek.

    This heron.
    A beautiful phenomenon.

  8. I went into the shed to get something out and a robin flew out and scared me half to death, so I ran to get my mum and she decided to have a look to see if there was a nest.
    While my mum was looking she told me that was a nest and said yes, then I asked if there was any eggs, she said “no, but there’s a chick” we cleared out the stuff we needed from the shed so that we didn’t disturb the robin again. Luckily the robin came back soon after. But I still feel bad about scaring the robin, the robin might have not come back and then the chick would have died.

    If you do see a nest in your garden or any where else and the birds aren’t there, DO NOT TOUCH IT!
    the birds may not come back and the eggs will be left there and the chicks will never hatch.

  9. The fledgling sparrow was on our tree waiting for his mum to feed him, the female sparrow didn’t get anything to eat! the greedy fledgling!
    The fledgling is starting to get adult feathers now.

  10. I ‘ve seen a bird but don’t know what sort it is. The babies have hatched and I saw their heads poking up. and the next day I say the mother bird. I saw one dead on wall next to my house.

  11. This morning I was eating my cheese on toast lots of birds came and landed on the lawn, two of witch was mating.

  12. Amazing fact! Did you know that the life span of a blue tit is 4 to 5 years, but can be as much as 21 years!

  13. Today I saw a adult starling with two fledglings following it around for food. The adult starling soon found a huge piece of jacket potato and the fledglings started to follow the poor starling around for the food. After a while the starling gave up and decided to give the fledglings the potato, then decided that he wanted it back. Just as he was going to take it back a jackdaw came and took it off them. They really like jacket potato!


  15. There were some goldfinches pecking food near to the school during lesson time. There were also a female blackbird pulling up worms outside until a male blackbird came and the female flew off. Me and my friend went for a walked and found a hairy nest made out of horse hair ( which jackdaws were seen pulling out of my friends horse ) we think the jackdaws made it. Soon after we found a bit of egg shell on the ground.

  16. My friend has got 3 baby chickens that have hatched but there was 2 that didnt survive.The chickens are now yellow, fluffy, bonny and cute.

  17. In the hoidays i went to work with my dad and in someones garden there was a thrush in a nest with some chiks. In the same garden there was a blackbirds nest but there was a baby blackbird out of the nest. It got scared and fell out and went in someone elses garden with a cat.

  18. On the way to Wales I saw a beautiful hobby which is a bird of prey. Then a few minutes later I saw a kestrel hovering. The next 2 days I saw kestrels and a buzzard, I was so lucky!

  19. Last week I watched a pair of Great Crested Grebes building a nest out of sticks and water plant stems on Ogston Reservoir. I also saw them doing their mating dance – a kind of syncronized swimming routine! At one point, they swam away from each other, simultaneously picked up some water weed then swam back to each other, where they reared up from the water beak to beak showing off their trophies – amazing to watch!

  20. Live and let live seemed to have been the theme of a young starllng and an adult one the otherday. As the adult tried to feed the young with a piece of bread, the young one snatched the whole piece, the adult realising he had none left, ran after and managed to get his share.
    Amazing to watch the tantrum of the little one following this incident.

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