Viewers’ Diary May – B&W Birdcam 2009

During April, Great Tits built a nest and laid five eggs. Incubation has started, so you can expect to see a bird on the nest most the time. Hopefully we should see our chicks hatch week commencing 11th May. (SATS week!)

Update: our our chicks have hatched

Please help us keep a record of activity in our black and white birdcam box (Infant nest box) by leaving your comments on this post.


Viewers’ Diary May – B&W Birdcam 2009 — 22 Comments

  1. We went to watch the great tit sitting on the eggs in the infant classroom because we can see the live images there. We saw the 5 eggs all snuggled up and warm.

  2. We must be very close to hatching now as the Heage chicks have hatched out today. It’s a pity that the nesting material which the Great tits have used this year, is reflecting the light so much. This really affects the picture in the mornings. We will have to hope for a cloudy hatching day!

  3. The chicks are little and wet. They are tiny. When they hatch they are soggy and can’t walk. After the chick hatched the mother eats the egg shell because it’s full of vitamins. So that is why there isn’t any egg shell in the nest.

  4. Lydia says – you are very lucky to get the eggs hatching in your box. We just saw the Great Tit feeding the yongsters. Ethan says – your eggs have hatched before ours. We are hoping our eggs hatch soon on either Friday or Saturday. Ebony and Lucy say – we hope you are happy and excited about the chicks.

  5. Our first chick hatched in time for registration yesterday (12th May), much to the delight of the watching children and adults! The 2nd hatched at around 11am and the 3rd at home time. We had to wait until the evening to see a 4th chick and the final 5th chick hatched out overnight or early the next morning. Soon after the first chick hatched, one of the adults brought in an inappropriately large bug to try and feed the youngster, but as time went on, they seemed to learn that smaller creatures were better! Sometimes we observed the adults stretching a caterpillar between them, possibly in an attempt to make a smaller morsel.

  6. The little chicks are fluffy and getting bigger.They are cute and little. The chicks are always hungry. They have a wide beak, Their necks are long.
    They stretch open their beaks so the mother bird can put the food in. Her beak goes in their mouth.

  7. I went into school during the half term to video the chicks, all five were doing well although one seemed a bit sleepy. Maybe it was the hot weather. One of the adults brought in a big worm which one chick swallowed whole! They also had a big spider to eat, which after being dipped in and out of several of the chicks mouths to see if it would fit, it’s legs dropped off so that it did!

  8. Unfortunately, it looks like a couple of the chicks died before the weekend. However, the other three fledged this morning 🙂

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