Viewers’ Diary B&W Birdcam – April — 30 Comments

  1. There are blue tits and sparrows coming in but no-one seems to be tidying up the nest.Quite alot of feathers are lying around and bits of straw too.

  2. What on earth has been going on in the box this weekend? Do birds have all night parties? Bad hair days or what? Im glad that untidy houses are not the sole perogative of humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another sleepover! I wonder what time night time visitors get up in the morning. Anyone going to be up early enough to find out?

  4. I sent an email to the RSPB regarding the video footage on 19th April. I asked whether the blue tits were fighting or mating. Their reply was as follows…

  5. My general impression is that this is mating behaviour albeit, that the female seems to have been an unwilling partner on this occasion. My main reason for thinking this is that only the female appears to be delivering pecks at the other bird although I cannot be certain this is a male. I would expect an equal level of aggression from both birds if this was a dispute over nest ownership.

  6. Early Riser said… left the nest at 5 45I saw the blue tit get restless around 5.45 am but thought it didn't leave the nest until 6.08 am. Perhaps it nipped out while I wasn't looking!

  7. Tree Sparrow destroys egg…Sadly, confirmation that the blue tit had indeed laid an egg, came in a rather brutal manner. At about 9.15am a Tree Sparrow entered the box and destroyed the egg by cracking it with its beak. The sound of the egg cracking was heard through from the microphone also installed in the box. It returned at about 10am to finish eating the egg. The blue tit has yet to be seen in the nest since.

  8. After yesterday's drama we fitted a 28mm hole adapter over the entrance hole to the box, which we hoped might deter the sparrow entering and destroying the blue tits eggs. The blue tit spent the night in the box but it is unknown whether it laid an egg or not. The sparrow however paid its usual early morning visit after the blue tit left in the morning. It looks like we shall have to let this drama play out.

  9. A clear view of a newly laid egg this morning when the blue tit leaves the nest at 6.14 am. Hope the sparrow fancies something other than egg for breakfast:(

  10. A 26mm wooden hole adapter was fitted around 9am but it is not known whether the Sparrow had already paid a visit. There are some broken egg shells on the ground below the nest box and it looked like a Blue Tit was cleaning out bits from the nest during the day. So only time will tell whether today's egg is still intact.

  11. Blue Tits were in competition over the box and a Blue Tit was observed firming down feathers in the nest by jumping on them trampoline style.

  12. Birdcam came back online at midday. There was very little activity in the box during the afternoon if at all. Not sure whether I could see an egg in the nest. The blue tit returned for the night at around 7.15pm.

  13. The blue tit left the nest at 6:20am leaving 2 eggs behind it, The wooden adapter seems to have worked, the tree sparrow is no longer paying his early visit to the nest and destroying the eggs,we think that there is maybe more than two eggs perhaps 3?

  14. I emailed the RSPB to let them know of our modification to the nest box. I also expressed the concern that our blue tit might be a single mother and asked if this is the case, will she be able to raise the chicks on her own.I received the following reply…

  15. Well done with the modification. It can be a big ask if the weather is cold or wet but a female can raise the young on her own although it is possible she is not going solo just yet. The male does not have a great deal of input into nest building and does not always provide food for the incubating female but he may step in again when the young hatch.

  16. The blue tit left the nest at 6.06am. Two eggs were in view until she returned to cover them up. Occasional visits were made during the day.

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