Birdcam Problems

Occasionally we take the birdcam offline for a short time to record live video footage. However, sometimes interruptions to our Internet connection or power supply can cause the birdcam to be offline for longer periods. If you have any problems viewing our birdcam or archive footage, you may leave your comments here.


Birdcam Problems — 11 Comments

  1. We are having to do some rather hefty downloads over the next day or two which might cause the Birdcam uploads to fail. Sorry!

  2. Intermittent Internet connections this morning. Birdcam continued to upload when it could, but appears to have gone offine at 8.06 am.

  3. It is likely that the Birdcam will be offline for extended periods of time over the Bank Holiday weekend. Keep trying or check our our archive footage.

  4. Trying out some different uploading software tonight (i-catcher wildlife). Hoping that it will be able to cope with interuptions to uploads and resume uploads without a restart.

  5. Although the free upload software we have been using was very good (Fwink), the current version occasionally freezes when it cannot make a connection to upload. So from today we are using "i-catcher wildlife" which we hope will be more stable.

  6. The birdcam seems to have gone off-line earlier this evening, the first time since we have been using the i-catcher software. Likely cause, power cut. Not very good timing as the chicks are due to fledge any time now!

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