Birds out and about

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Birds out and about — 19 Comments

  1. When I was sitting on the school mound I saw a blackbird hopping over to the wendy house with its beak full of worms!Then a fledgling blackbird hopped out of the evergreen tree and mouth opened, the adult blackbird popped the worms in it's mouth, the fledgling hopped back into the bush while the other one flew away probably to get more food.

  2. i have 8 robins bird nests in my garden and daren't touch them for their mother won't come back for them because of human scent.

  3. iv'e just found a baby robin cheeping and it's mum wasn't with it but it had a sister with it it didn't look like it has had food for ages poor things!

  4. I've just seen a young thrush pick up a snail, hop over to a stone and bash the snail down on it to break its shell. Tasty!

  5. House martins are nesting in my neighbours roof and we have blackbirds nesting in our fir tree and 2 eggs have hatched.

  6. Peregrine FalconsThe Peregrine Falcons on the top of Derby Cathedral are due to hatch any day now. There is a wecam watching their progress. Follow the link on our birdcam page.

  7. on my next door neihbours wall there is a bird box. and there is some baby chicks in it. and the big birds are very busy going in and out in and out

  8. I thought the children might be interested to this photo that we took in our backyard. Just recently we has a cassowary visit us for a while. He would just come down out of the rainforest and wander around the house. If we worked outside in the garden he would follow us around. It was a bit unsettling because they are powerful birds and can be quite aggressive. However "Gus" was very quiet and would come up to about 2 meters away without showing any signs of aggression. It's surprising how quiet he was because there are only a couple of other houses near and I don't think he would have had much human contact. Unfortunately he has moved on now and we haven't seen him for a month or so.Cassowary

  9. We saw a male Sparrowhawk sitting on our fence this morning. Previously there had been lots of different birds in the garden but they quickly disappeared when he arrived!

  10. little monkey said…All of the peregren's eggs have hach.I thought that too this afternoon but the two chicks were lying over the two unhatched eggs.

  11. The blue tits in our garden nest box have hatched out. You can hear the chicks cheeping when you walk past. The adult birds are in and out of the box all the time feeding the chicks.

  12. A murmuration of starlings soon gathers after I put out some dried mealworms in our ground feeder. Sometimes there are in excess of 30 birds, which include juveniles as well as a few adult birds. Some of them must have just fledged, as they are still being fed by the adults.

  13. I spotted a charm of goldfinches in our garden this morning. Two adults and 3 or 4 juveniles. The juveniles do not have the colourful head markings that the adults have.

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