Egg-cellent News from Derby Cathedral!

Every year, Peregrine Falcons nest on top of Derby Cathedral. Three web cameras set up on the Cathedral, enable tens of thousands of people to monitor their progress, day and night and blog enables people to record their observations.

This morning, the female laid her first egg, a bit earlier than expected from previous years. Eggs will now be laid every two days until the clutch is complete.

2nd egg was laid around 2pm on Friday 26th March
3rd egg was laid Sunday evening (28th March)
4th egg was laid early Wednesday morning (31st March)

1st and 2nd chicks hatched 1st May
3rd and 4th chicks hatched 2nd May


Egg-cellent News from Derby Cathedral! — 7 Comments

  1. when i was at my school looking at the birdcam i noticed this bird-of-prey moving around in the stones and everyones telling news about really wanting to see the hatched chics!!!!

  2. Year 4 had a look at the Peregrine webcam yesterday and were sad to see only 2 chicks being fed. One chick had died a few days before, so we feared the worst. However, checking the other camera view later, we realised our mistake, the chicks were now wandering from one side of the box to the other! All three chicks were fine.

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like a 2nd peregrine chick has died this evening. It has been very weak and unable to stand since yesterday. The falcon has done her best to feed the chick but it looks like her efforts have been in vain.

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