Birds Out and About – 2010

What birds have you seen  in your garden and what were they doing? Do you have any nest boxes or do you encourage birds into the garden by feeding them? What’s their favourite food?

Perhaps you’ve seen some birds during breaktime or lunchtime in school or spotted some while out for a walk.

Please share your observations by leaving your comments here.


Birds Out and About – 2010 — 17 Comments

    • It will be interesting to see what the national bird surveys say about the numbers of birds this year. They predict that bird numbers might be lower because of the hard winter.

  1. We found some eggs today and used a bird book to identify them. They are pigeons eggs. We found them under the fir trees behind the play house.

    • In our outdoor area yesterday and today we have seen blue tits, chaffinch, magpie and pigeons. we also found a pigeon’s feather. It was white and grey. We went outdide to look at the sparrow in the nest box and we saw its head sticking out.

  2. Yes everyone would probably think there would be less because of the hard winter, but it’s quite hard to tell at the moment, we’ll have to see in the summer how many new chicks have been born.

  3. I have 5 doves their names are Bob, Jake, Ben, Jane ,Jessacure. Jake and jessacure has had two babies one died sadly. We have one left he is very playful he is black and has a white tail. he is 2 weeks old he has a very strong peck he made me bleed he likes anoying Bob. Bob is crule because he picks he,m up and puts he,m in front of is mother.

    • My doves
      One of my doves have laid three eggs. she has been sitting on them she has been lazy all she dose is sit,eat and sleep

  4. in my house my family were eating dinner when more then30 birds came on the garden floor they were eating lots of worms and grass seeds that we put out and tyey all flew away at the same time beacause all the birds scared each other away.

  5. I saw that i had a black birds nesting in my bush a magpie came just when the baby birds were about to fly and made a baby bird bleed but it was ok and then they flu off with all the baby birds.

  6. In my garden blackbirds were nesting in one of the hegdes,until magpies came and threw the baby blackbirds out of the nest.The magpie made one of the baby blackbirds bleed.The adult blackbirds made another nest in a different hegde in my garden.

  7. I saw a robin on my garden it woz searching for worms for its nest we here the baby chicks singing in a morning lol

  8. last year i had black birds and some robins nesting. When the last robin fledged, it got left behind. Its mother did not know where it was but eventually found it on the water butt.

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