Viewers’ Diary – April 2010

April is the month when we usually see birds starting to nest in our nest boxes. Our Infant box (B&W birdcam) already has a few strands of grass it and we have had visits from Great Tits and Blue Tits. Help us record what you see happening in our boxes during April by leaving your comments on this post.


Viewers’ Diary – April 2010 — 14 Comments

  1. A great tit seems to be very busy in the box this morning doing a nesting wiggle. Hopefully they won’t be put off by the window replacement project during the Easter holidays.

  2. Wow – I didn’t know where to look first this morning, I was busy swapping between watching your great tit and Pottery Schools sparrow.

  3. A great tit roosted in the B&W box for the first time last night after finally bringing in more nesting material during the previous day (mainly moss). They have also made an early start this morning bringing in lots more moss.

    No activity in the colourcam box yet, having a cement mixer under it might have something to do with this! Colourcam went offline last night.

  4. Over the last few days, the great tits have brought in some white, fluffy wool like substance. Looks very similar to what they used last year. I wonder what it is?

  5. The great tit seemed to be roosting in a peculiar position last night and a trip to school today revealed why. The nest box had been dislodged during the window replacement work and was dangling from one corner. It has now been rehung. Let’s hope the birds haven’t been put off by their topsy turvy home.

  6. The roosting great tit spent some time this morning awake and adjusting the nest. She was very careful to cover the well of the nest before leaving the box at around 6.30 am. Has she got something to hide?

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