Winter Visitors

Keep an eye out for migrating birds. At this time of year, many of our Summer visitors have left or are leaving for the warmer climates of Africa and the Mediterranean. Winter visitors may start to arrive from colder regions such as Scandinavia and northern Europe. Other migrants may be simply passing through. Numbers of  some of our more common birds, such as blue tits or black birds, may be boosted by visitors from other countries. I wonder if they speak  the same bird language! Check out the RSPB website for more information on migration.

Two birds to look out for this winter are Waxwings and Redwings. Both these birds love our hedgerow and garden berries and may also be spotted eating yew berries in churchyards.

If you take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of January, let us know how you got on.


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  1. I managed to spot a couple of Waxwings in Wessington today. I wonder if anyone from Wessington School has seen them?

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