Keeping out of the cold in our colour birdcam box

If you check out our colour birdcam box after dark, you might be lucky to see our night time roosting bird all fluffed up to keep warm. Leave a comment if you think you know what type of bird it is, or if you discover what time it comes in to the box at night or leaves in the morning.

We have also spotted birds visiting the box during the day, such as the Great Tit pictured below.


Keeping out of the cold in our colour birdcam box — 4 Comments

  1. I am glad your bird was able to get out of the snow! It is very cold out there today. I hope he manages to keep warm.

    • Yes, I think he’s got the right idea getting out of the snow. It will have been nice and quiet at school today because of the snow closure. I hope the birds have been able to find food and water during the day. There’s a least 25cm of snow lying on the ground now and the trees and hedgerows are also covered.

  2. A great tit continues to roost in the box every night. It seems to be quite a tidy bird and doesn’t leave many droppings!

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