Spring has Sprung!

Small Tortoiseshell butterflies

Small Tortoiseshell butterflies

The beginning of March seems to have brought with it some welcome spring like weather. I spotted a pair of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and a Peacock butterfly flying around my garden today; I wonder who will  be the first to spot a butterfly in the school grounds this year? Let us know what signs of spring you have seen either at school or at home by leaving a comment on this post.

Several children have seen birds checking out our school bird boxes. We are beginning to leave our birdcams on now to see if we can capture any activity in those boxes. Mr Marriot, our school caretaker, and Dave Carder, another regular viewer, have reported seeing a Blue Tit roosting in the the new Infant Birdcam box on a couple of occasions during this last week. Any droppings left in the box have been cleared out the following morning.

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