Derby Cathedral Peregrines Start Laying

The wait is over! Just after midnight last night the falcon (female) laid her first egg of the season. Hopefully we will see 2 or 3 more laid over the coming week. Eggs are usually laid roughly every other day until there is a full clutch. This was a view of the egg from the webcam 4 stream this morning.

Visit the Peregrine Project Blog for the latest information.
Woodpecker Class posted a question on the blog, “Do peregrines always nest high up?” They received this interesting reply:

Nick B (DWT) said…
Hi Woodpecker Class: a good question!
Yes, peregrines usually try to nest as high up a cliff or building as they possibly can….though never too near the top where they culd be at risk. That way, their eggs and chicks are safe from predators like foxes.
Obviously there are some places in the world where peregrines live where there are no cliffs. For example the tundra of the far north. In these places they do nest on the ground because they have no alternative. Amazingly, a kind of goose called a red breasted goose, chooses to nest right up close to peregrine nests. Now that would seem to be a silly thing to do but actually it makes sense. The peregrines value the geese because the geese keep a very good watch for appraoching predators like foxes. So in return, the peregrines do not try to eat the goslings. Isn’t nature marvellous?
Nick B (DWT)
Ps. In cities, tall buildings like our cathedral are really just ‘cliffs’ to our birds…..great, safe places where the birds can look down on all the bustle below but live out ther lives high above it all.

Update: the 4th and final egg was laid on April 5th and full incubation of the eggs has started.

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