Nesting Season 2020

Even though we can’t enjoy the school grounds at the moment, the birds are making the most of the peace and quiet! I’ve managed to get the Colour Birdcam back online and there appears to have been some activity. Fingers-crossed we get some nesting birds this year and the birdcam stays online!

Please leave a comment on this post if you spot anything.

Other great webcams to keep an eye on are the Nottingham Trent University Peregrine webcam and the Rutland Water Osprey webcams. Both currently have nesting birds to watch.


Nesting Season 2020 — 2 Comments

  1. The Blue Tits have been a bit slow building their nest over the last week but they seem to have added quite a bit of nesting material since last night.

  2. The colour birdcam box went offline on May 1st. I was able to reset the feed today but no further nesting activity had taken place. I swapped the feed to the Infant birdcam where there is much more activity going on!

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