Nature where you are – 2020

While we are all having to stay home, why not keep a nature diary to record what you see in your garden or out of the window. It could include what wildflowers are flowering, trees that are beginning to bud or come into leaf. What birds have you seen and if any of them are nesting in your garden? A useful website for identifying things you have seen is the NatureSpot website.

Orange-tip Butterfly

Orange-tip Butterfly

I’ve already seen the first butterflies of the year in my garden, Small Tortoiseshells, Brimstone and Peacock. These butterflies will be ones that are coming out of their winter hibernation, you may also see the lovely Comma butterfly. Usually the first species to emerge from a chrysalis (early April) is the Orange-tip butterfly, a real sign that Spring has arrived! If you want to find out more about butterflies, head over to the Butterfly Conservation website. You could also use their irecord app to record your sightings.

Let us know what you have seen by leaving a comment on this post. We would also love to see your photos. Will you be the first to see an Orange-tip butterfly this year!?


Nature where you are – 2020 — 6 Comments

  1. Well that was a surprise. Have been looking at your site for a few years now. I was just removing ‘dead’ sites from my favourites and thought I will just check as last time I looked it was an old date stamp, then a Blue Tit arrived and started to rummage around with the nesting material. nature and wildlife will always give the right minded people simple pleasure , I have Starlings and Blackbirds nesting.

    • Welcome back! Luckily I managed to get one of the birdcams back online before the current Coronavirus lock down. We really hope the Blue tits will stay and give us something to watch during this nesting season. They’ll certainly be getting lots of peace and quiet this year! I have Robins with young and Blue tits just starting to nest in my garden.

    • Yes, a lot more activity today. I have managed to spy the Blue Tits in the box three or four times today.

  2. I have seen many orange tip butterflies out in the garden. Also I have great tits nesting in my bird box and something extraordinary happened this morning. A squirrel came to the bird feeder which is just below the bird box and the great tit came out and fanned his tail and wings and did like a dance to make itself look bigger, protect its nest and try to scare off the squirrel. I have never seen anything like it and I managed to get a video of it on my phone too!

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