Nesting Activity – May 2012

Although we caught a glimpse of a Tree Sparrow chick in April, we think this first brood didn’t survive because of the extremely wet weather at the end of April, which made it difficult for the adults to collect insects to feed their brood. There was a dead chick on view on 27th April and no evidence of any live ones. However, the adults have continued to visit the box so we may still see a second brood during May.

Great Tit Fledgling

On the 10th May, we spotted Great Tits going in out of the roof of the bird table in the busy Infant play area. On investigation, we could hear chicks chirping!  We immediately removed any food off the bird table so as not to encourage Magpies or Squirrels to come near the nest. The adults have been extremely busy bringing caterpillars and insects to feed to their young and haven’t been bothered at all by Class 1 playing around the bird table. The chicks fledged this week (23/05/12), Mrs Tait had to rescue one frightened chick which had come to rest under the classroom door frame. It was relocated to the safer environment of a nearby bush where it later flew off from. We still have  Blue tit chicks in the bird box in the staff car park.


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  1. I have heard chicks in the Car Park box and have seen the adult blue tits going in the box with food.

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