Birds out and about and a new challenge!

This year, not only do we want you to tell us about the birds you have seen at school or at home by leaving a comment on this post, we also have an exciting new challenge for you. You can win awards by identifying birds and ticking them off in your personal record booklet. You must show Mrs Mahadevan or another adult that you can correctly identify each bird before recording it.

Binoculars are available at breaktimes and should be used at the birdwatching corner. You will only be allowed to use the binoculars if you can show that you know the safety rules and can look after them:

  • NEVER LOOK TOWARDS THE SUN with the binoculars. You will damage your eyes.
  • Always hang the binoculars around your neck. Take care when passing them on to someone else.
  • Do not run with the binoculars.
  • Please wrap the neck strap round the binoculars and place them gently back in the box when you have finished using them.


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