Moth Trapping – 1st July 2021

The moth trap was set up near the Oak tree for the evening of 1st July. It was emptied the following morning by Junior children, making a good start to our invertebrate bioblitz day. 24 different species and a total of 52 moths were recorded. A further 3 species were found during the afternoon. 4 new species, for the school grounds, were recorded and are shown in bold below.

Marbled Beauty 1, Uncertain 11, Brimstone Moth 2, Olive Pearl 2, Barred Yellow 1, Celypha lacunana 2, Blastobasis lacticolla 1, Willow Beauty 1, Heart and Dart 3, Smoky Wainscot 1, Agapeta hamana 3, White Plume 1, Celypha striana 2, Common Footman 4, Bee moth 1, Plain Golden-y 1, Middle-bar Minor 2, Pale Mottled Willow 1, Ingrailed Clay 4, Chryoteuchia culmella 3, Flame 1, Large Yellow Underwing 1, Mottled Beauty 2, Barred Straw 1. Also a caddisfly – Mystacides longicornis, a harvestmen and a beetle.

Dayflying moths – Buff Ermine 1, Nettle tap 1, Eudonia lacustrata 1.

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