Churches Count on Nature

Churchyard Wildlife Surveys

On Friday 11th June, children took part in “Churches Count on Nature”, a citizen-science event covering churchyards across England and Wales. People were invited to visit their local churchyard and make a note of the animals, birds, insects, plants or fungi they found there. The data will  be collated on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN). 

It is thought church land, often uniquely unploughed and undeveloped, could be a habitat for precious and endangered plants and other wildlife. It is even said that churchyards could form a new National Park.

Infant children walked down to Handley Church to do their survey. Meanwhile, Junior children walked nearly 3 miles, along the River Amber, to Brackenfield Holy Trinity Church to do theirs. Children noted down and took photos of as many species of fauna and flora they could find. We have submitted our records via iRecord which, when verified, will be added to the NBN Atlas.

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