Birds and other wildlife you have seen – 2011

What birds and other wildlife have you seen  in your garden? Do you have any nest boxes or do you encourage birds into the garden by feeding them? What’s their favourite food?

Perhaps you’ve spotted something special during breaktime or lunchtime in school or spotted something while out for a walk.

Please share your observations by leaving your comments here.


Birds and other wildlife you have seen – 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. In my horse’s stable swallows have been nesting on the light. They visit from Africa ever year and always nest in the stables. When I was cleaning my horse’s saddle I saw a swallow come in to the stable and sit on the cable of the light I watched it for a bit but it flew out.

  2. last year there was a big storm and we left the bath room window open and a bird flew in we had it in the bathroom for three days.

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