A Second Brood!- B&W Birdcam Box

2nd Brood

Although we still can’t see the main part of the Tree Sparrows’ nest, we know that they have been incubating a second clutch of eggs because the adults have been taking turns to spend long periods of time in the box. This morning, I listened to the live feed in the Infant classroom and I could hear many chicks chirping away! Watch the box from the outside , keeping your distance so as not to disturb the birds and see if you can spot the adults bringing in food for the chicks. Can you tell what type of food is being brought in? Hopefully it won’t be long before we start seeing the chicks peeping out from under the nesting material.

Update: 15th June – the chicks come out to be fed now and there are at least 5.


A Second Brood!- B&W Birdcam Box — 7 Comments

  1. The chicks must have hatched in the last few days because one of the adults spends time brooding them whilst the other brings in food. There wasn’t any sound of chirping chicks on Monday.

  2. Watching the live feed today we can see that there are least five chicks. They are often just fed at the hole. The nest hasn’t totally maintained its domed structure as it now has two ‘entrances’ with the chicks often seen poking their heads out of the new top opening. Feeding doesn’t seem to be as frequent as for the first brood.

  3. The chicks are looking close to full grown and have been seen stretching their wings today. Most of the feeding is now being done at the hole. The chicks spend the nights alone in the nest now. It shouldn’t be long before they fledge.

  4. A lot of wing flapping and sitting in the hole today. The adults can be heard calling from nearby trees. I wouldn’t be surprised if the chicks fledge today although they might be better waiting until tomorrow when a drier day is forecast.

  5. Class 1 have been watching the chicks fledge this morning on the computer and from their bird hide outside. Three have gone already.

  6. All gone now! The final two chicks waited until all the children went home so that they could fledge in peace. The adults had been visiting the box to clean it out but made no attempt to feed the remaining chicks. They had been trying all day to tempt them out by calling from the roof above the box but the chicks had decided not to join the fledglings in the nearby trees. The chicks left within 10 minutes of each other around 4 pm and seem to be quite accomplished fliers.

    One of the adults returned to the box a few times after all the chicks had fledged. It is possible they may yet have another brood. Hopefully they will give it a good spring clean first as there are a few insects crawling around in the box!

  7. One of the adults was in the box this morning doing a bit of nest maintenance and also having a bit of a quiet time. Will there be a third brood?

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