Bird Box Clear Out

New nesting material

Autumn has well and truly arrived, so on Friday we decided it was time to clear out the school’s nest boxes to allow for a fresh start for next year. The RSPB and BTO recommend that boxes are cleaned each year to prevent the build up of parasites which might harm future broods. Although Tree Sparrows are known to maintain their dome shaped nests throughout the winter, we were advised to clear out their box as well. I’ve noticed that a few feathers have arrived in the B&W box today, so maybe the Tree Sparrows have already starting to think about making a fresh nest for next year.

The non-camera boxes also had remnants of nests made mainly from moss and so probably made by Tits. We’re not sure whether there had been any successful broods in these because a big hole was found in the new box on a Silver Birch (possibly made by a woodpecker) and the Sparrow terrace box had a wasp nest in the middle section.


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