A Third Brood for the Tree Sparrows

Last chick – home alone!

Checking the live feed from the B&W birdcam box today, I could hear the faint sound of chicks chirping which means that a third brood of Tree Sparrow chicks have hatched some time during the last couple of days.

They seem to have coped well with extra noise generated by the school’s Summer Fair today. Let’s hope they are OK with the wind and rain forecast for this weekend. At least they should fledge during the relative quiet of the Summer Holidays. Keep watching and let us know if you spot any chicks and how many.

Update: The adult Tree Sparrows successfully raised another brood of five chicks, four of which fledged on 30th July. The final chick fledged 2 days later on 1st August.


A Third Brood for the Tree Sparrows — 4 Comments

  1. Our third brood of five chicks appear to be doing well and enjoying the peace and quiet of the holidays! They are at least 2 weeks old and are likely to fledge any day now, hopefully before it gets too hot over the coming weekend. One of the chicks is much smaller than the others, fingers crossed it will fledge successfully like the smaller chick in the 2nd brood.

  2. Four of the chicks fledged early this morning, the 4th one leaving the smallest chick in the box at around 9.30 am. I drove past school later in the morning and could hear the fledglings calling to be fed from nearby trees. The adults have continued to visit the box to feed the remaining chick.

  3. The remaining chick is spending a second night alone in the box! The adults have been spotted a few times today entering the box to feed the chick and to clear up a little. However, the nest is beginning to look a bit messy. At one stage this morning, the chick was sitting in the hole and almost left the box but gave up at the last minute.

  4. The 5th chick finally fledged around 6.30 this morning, two days after the other chicks! A very successful year for the Stretton Handley Tree Sparrows with a total of 15 chicks fledging.

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