Our trip to Cromford Wharf

First we got on the bus and travelled to Cromford Wharf, we then got off the bus and looked at the boat. The boat was called ‘Birdswood’. We got onto the boat and sat down on our seats, then the boat started to move. The man told us that along time ago, the boat was pulled by a horse but today it had an engine to make it move. Whilst we were on board, we played ‘I spy’ and did some paper plate weaving. In groups we visited the cabin and saw where the family would have lived, there was a special pull-down bed, a stove for cooking and heating and a place for coal to build the fire, but there was no toilet! Along the way we saw lots of wildlife, and we even saw a dinosaur!
The boat turned around and we went back towards Cromford Wharf. We all had a fantastic time and said a big thank you to the volunteers who had looked after us.

Written by The Woodpeckers.

Early Rider Balance-ability

On Monday the whole class joined in with the’ balance-ability workshop. This is a simpler version for Reception and Key Stage 1 of the ‘Bike-ability’ workshops completed in Key Stage 2. The children completed various activities to help develop coordination, balance and core strength. All the children had a fantastic time and the instructors saw big improvements in all the children as they gained better control and balance of the bike. Well done Woodpeckers!

Reception cooking up a storm!

The Reception children had a great time on Wednesday making a ginger bread house. They have been spending the week looking at the fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and used ideas from the story to mix, measure and bake their own woodland cottage. Very generously, the group offered everyone (even the staff!) a taste of their delicious creation! Well done Reception!!

Woodpecker Class Eggs-perience!


We have had a fantastic two weeks watching our 10 eggs, which arrived on Monday, hatch into chicks. It was lovely to have first hand experience of this exciting process and it was fascinating to watch them grow. Go to the school Wildlife Page for more information and pictures.

Don’t forget to look out for the Blue Tit chicks hatching out in our Colour Birdcam box around the middle of next week!

School signage

There is now a new school sign on the main road and a smaller one on Badger Lane , directing people to our school. On the way back from the Sport Relief Mile some children stopped to admire the one of the signs!

Look at our new sign!
Look at our new sign!

Sport Relief – 21st March

We had a fantastic turn out for the Sport Relief Mile at the Jubilee Playing Fields on Friday 21st. Despite the wind and threat of rain all the children and lots of parents, grandparents and other visitor,s including some dogs, managed to run, walk, jog, sprint or stagger the mile! Thank you to Mr Ben Cooke for organising the event and to him and Mr Cooke (Senior!) for their hard work setting up the course. We have already raised £250 for Sport Relief and this will increase as further contributions come in to school next week. Well done everyone!

Under the Sea!

Edible Coral Reef- we had a great time researching, learning and then making some delicious coral reef polyps! We made the body of the polyp out of a marshmallow and covered it in white chocolate to represent it’s exoskeleton. We then used a toothpick to stick in pieces of strawberry lace, which became the tentacles. We finished off decorating the marshmallow with brightly coloured sprinkles just like the amazing colours found underwater. We stuck all the polyps together just like a piece of real coral reef. Finally we all enjoyed tucking into our delicious creations! Yum!

We have been so impressed by the imaginative and creative homework projects that have been arriving in school over the term. The children have blown us away with an amazing selection of 3D underwater creatures, presentations, computer research and pictures that they have created!

Well done Woodpeckers!

Woodpecker’s trip to Medieval Britain

Last Thursday, the Woodpeckers travelled back in the TARDIS to Medieval Britain. They braved the cold weather and went into the school grounds to learn what it was like to live during the Medieval times. They learnt that life wasn’t easy for people living in 1200 AD and that it took a lot of time and hard work to do something simple like toast a piece of bread. They swept the ground of leaves, dug a hole, collected stones to mark out the edge of the fire and gathered wood to burn.  Once the fire was lit the children toasted their home made bread by the fire. They all had a fantastic time but understood just how hard work it must have been to live during the Medieval times.

Partake Theatre Workshop – 5th June

Miss Grahem from Partake Theatre arrived to whisk Class One back in time to the delights of the Edwardian seaside.

The children started their trip back in time by curling up in their beds for a restful nights sleep.

As the children stirred they woke up in Edwardian England and started packing for their trip to the seaside. They gathered their suitcases and coats and went to the train station to board the train. As the train rolled away from the station the children became the wheels of the train, puffing along the track to the seaside.

Airs and Graces
Airs and graces

Arriving at the seaside the children got off the train and were taught how to be Edwardian ladies and gentlemen. The boys doffed their hats and the girls curtsied. The children learnt about Edwardian seaside treats and entertainment.
The children learnt about seaside fashions one hundred years ago! The children got into their bathing machines and dived into the water where they became different sea creatures.

As the children emerged from out of the water and back into their bathing machines, they felt spots of rain falling so quickly gathered their belongings and ran back to the train station and back home to sleep.

I think all the children will agree that they had a fantastic morning and learnt so much about the Edwardian seaside. A great start to the topic!