Colour Birdcam – 2014

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Colour Birdcam – 2014 — 61 Comments

  1. I’ve not checked the box for a few days so I was surprised to spot a nest in the box at the end of Thursday. There’s a bird roosting in the box tonight.

  2. Just as surprised as I was. I think I looked 7.30 am on Wednesday and it was empty. I was expecting it now as the Peregrines have laid eggs in Derby, Sheffield,Norwich and Nottingham.and your nesting is not far off theirs.

  3. The birdcam has been switched off since the end of term due to some maintenance work going on at school over the Easter holidays. I nipped into school today to switch it back on hoping the building work hadn’t disturbed the nesting blue tits. The nest looks complete now and I’ve just spotted a blue tit in the box; hopefully the birds will continue using the box especially if they get some peace and quiet over the holiday weekend

    • Yippee! Eggs for Easter:) The well of the nest is kept tightly covered during the day so we will have to keep our eyes peeled if we want to catch a glimpse.

  4. A Blue Tit was in the box at 11.30 am fidgeting around in the well of the nest but left it covered when it went out. She’s really teasing us!

  5. After leaving the nest this morning, the Blue Tit returned to sit in the nest just before 7 am. Does this mean incubation has started or is it because she didn’t like the look of the murky weather outside!?

    • She went again shortly after and didn’t spend much time in the box during the day so I guess there’s still more eggs to be laid.

    • It’s so hard to tell. I’ve only seen 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 4 today. Sometimes I think I can see more but that might just be nesting material. We’ll just have to keep watching!

    • It was great to have the live feed on during the day so that we could see the female moving around and the male coming in to feed her.

  6. We saw the eggs and there were eight eggs. We saw the male coming in to feed the female to practice being a Dad!!!!!!!!!

  7. We saw a chick hatch.
    We saw the female feeding the chicks.
    The male came in to feed the female.
    We saw the female eat the egg shell after the chick hatched.

  8. Still at least one unhatched egg at teatime, the chicks are so hard to count when they are this small but I have seen at least five beaks at once!

  9. Not sure if there are any unhatched eggs left but we definitely managed to spot at least 7 hungry beaks wide open by the end of the day.

  10. Still 8 chicks which are growing rapidly. They are beginning to develop feathers and occasionally a chick pops out of the well of the nest.

  11. Up until yesterday, we could still see 8 chicks whose eyes were now open and beginning to get their blue tit markings. The weather has taken a turn for the worse this morning and as well as the rain it is also much cooler. I’m not sure that I’ve seen more than 7 active chicks this morning and possibly only 6 now. At midday, a rather wet adult spent some 20 minutes in the box brooding the chicks rather than feeding them. During this time the other adult didn’t come to feed the chicks either. Feeding rate is definitely a lot slower today.

  12. Looks like we are down to 5 chicks today. Just seen one of the adults bring in some food which was too big for the chicks and was taken away again.

  13. Only four chicks this morning:( No flies around so any dead chicks are likely to have been removed. One of the four looks less developed than the others.

  14. Unfortunately only 3 healthy chicks this morning. The 4th is on the floor of the nest on the right, inactive. The remaining 3 are testing their wings. Parents are taking longer to get food, so I assume it is pouring down with rain as it is hear ( Newark, )

    • Yes, very heavy rain here which is taking its toll on the chicks. It looks like the smallest chick died in the night. I hope these three can survive until the weekend when better weather is expected and they are due to fledge.

  15. Feeding rates for the remaining 3 chicks was very slow today. I was a bit worried that the female wasn’t going to return to the box to I brood the chicks tonight but she did eventually turn up. However, she does seem more intent in keeping warm under the chicks rather than vice versa!

  16. Another chick died in the night and a 2nd was laying on its side very weak unable to open its beak. By. 6 am it was also dead. The remaining chick however has sole attention from the adults and is getting plenty of feeds. No obvious caterpillars being brought in though. I hope it can manage to keep warm without its siblings to huddle up with:(

  17. Read the comments before looking at the nest cam. How different it might have been if not for the constant rain. I am putting a lot of bird food out these last few days as the sparrows and blackbirds are always waiting for food. They don’t so much when it is fine weather.

  18. 2.30pm the sun broke through or at least it got brighter. The chick got more lively and jumped up to the entrance hole and looked out. Jumped back into the box after a matter of seconds.

  19. Having spent the night in the box alone, it’s great to see that the chick has survived the night and the parents have returned to feed it.

  20. Was determined to see chick fly the nest as it seemed it might have not made it with the bad weather and parents not bringing a lot of food. Was privlidged to see it go at 12.44 pm .

    • Wow! Thank you Mr Carder for witnessing the sole survivor fledge. I’d only checked in on it a few minutes before that but then had to pop out so I missed it go! Hopefully the weather will be kinder to it over the weekend as it faces its new set of challenges.

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