Under the Sea!

Edible Coral Reef- we had a great time researching, learning and then making some delicious coral reef polyps! We made the body of the polyp out of a marshmallow and covered it in white chocolate to represent it’s exoskeleton. We then used a toothpick to stick in pieces of strawberry lace, which became the tentacles. We finished off decorating the marshmallow with brightly coloured sprinkles just like the amazing colours found underwater. We stuck all the polyps together just like a piece of real coral reef. Finally we all enjoyed tucking into our delicious creations! Yum!

We have been so impressed by the imaginative and creative homework projects that have been arriving in school over the term. The children have blown us away with an amazing selection of 3D underwater creatures, presentations, computer research and pictures that they have created!

Well done Woodpeckers!