Our trip to Cromford Wharf

First we got on the bus and travelled to Cromford Wharf, we then got off the bus and looked at the boat. The boat was called ‘Birdswood’. We got onto the boat and sat down on our seats, then the boat started to move. The man told us that along time ago, the boat was pulled by a horse but today it had an engine to make it move. Whilst we were on board, we played ‘I spy’ and did some paper plate weaving. In groups we visited the cabin and saw where the family would have lived, there was a special pull-down bed, a stove for cooking and heating and a place for coal to build the fire, but there was no toilet! Along the way we saw lots of wildlife, and we even saw a dinosaur!
The boat turned around and we went back towards Cromford Wharf. We all had a fantastic time and said a big thank you to the volunteers who had looked after us.

Written by The Woodpeckers.