Viewers’ Diary B&W Birdcam – June — 11 Comments

  1. The chicks may fledge any day now. Although I will miss seeing them, the parents must deserve a rest now. They never rest from dawn to dusk and the female bird also has restless nights brooding the chicks. No wonder she is looking rather bedraggled!

  2. A galliant effort by the female bird to try and brood the chicks tonight but they are just too big and pokey! At least some of the chicks are uncovered most of the time.

  3. Great weather today! The chicks wandered about the nest a bit more today, practically mobbing the parents when entering the nest with food!

  4. I wonder when the little birds will leave the nest…I hope it's soon. 🙂 I can't wait. I find it amusing to watch them hopping around the box.

  5. A very warm day and the chicks have been very active in the box. Some of the chicks have been jumping up to investigate the entrance hole.

  6. Mum came into the nest to settle down with the chicks around 8.15pm. Will this be their last night together in the box?

  7. The chicks fledged sometime between 6.30 last night and 7.15 this morning. The birdcam was offline during this time and sadly, when it came back online this morning, we found that the smallest chick had died.

  8. should the nest be emptied for other birds to be interested in nesting in it or would they clear it themselves?, or would another bird be happy to use a second hand bed.??it'l be interesting to see if the same family return

  9. The RSPB recommend that old nests, which harbour parasites and fleas, should be removed in the autumn once birds have stopped using them. The use of boiling water will help destroy any remaining parasites. Adding a handful of hay to the clean, dry box may provide a welcome roosting place for birds over winter.NB: It is only legal to remove abandoned eggs from nests between August and January, and they must be destroyed not kept.

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