Viewers’ Diary June – Colour Birdcam

During May, 8 chicks hatched in our colour birdcam box, although it was hard to see them most of the time because the nest was so feathery! During the last week in May, many of the chicks died and only two remain. Will they survive to leave the nest? They are due to fledge by the end of this week.


Viewers’ Diary June – Colour Birdcam — 6 Comments

  1. There are two birds left nooo but there about to fledge on the 3rd or 4th of june so there will be no more for another year xx

  2. The adults birds were very busy this morning keeping the chicks fed. At one time both adults were in feeding a chick each. Some of the insects brought in were quite large for the chicks to swallow. When the chicks got bored, we could see them pecking at one of the dead chicks, Yuk!

  3. Last night two chicks settled down for the night on their own, with an old dead chick moved to the front of the box. When I checked the box this morning, there is only one chick left hopefully the other one has fledged successfully. It looks like the more developed chick (had lost its head tufts) has fledged. The parents are still returning to feed the remaining chick, so hopefully we shall see this one leave soon.

  4. Today we watched our one blue tit as it got ready to fledge. It stretched and flapped its wings, jumped up to look out of the windows and hole. The parents tried to feed the chick from the hole to try and tempt it out. Sometimes we could only see the tip of its tail and thought it was going but no, back in it came. It eventually left the box at the end of lunchtime, a very noisy time to leave.

  5. I just missed our blue tit fledging at lunchtime but I could hear the chick in the trees by the sheds. After lunch the year 5s noticed one of the parents coming back into the box with food, it looked very surprised to find the chick gone. Hopefully it will soon find it outside! I also saw some young great tits in the school ground which might be our great tit fledglings.

  6. We were inspired by your blog and our school got a bird box camera for our school. We had great success this year. Thank you for your wonderful blog and hope you enjoy your birds as much as we have. Mrs Amy Jones

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