The House Sparrows are Egg-specting!

The House Sparrows have now converted the Great Tits’ nest into a typical sparrow’s nest (MESSY) and have wasted no time in laying five eggs of their own. The fifth egg was laid on 6th May and since then, both the adults have taken it in turns to incubate the eggs.

Can you tell the difference between the male and female House Sparrow? When do you think the eggs might hatch?


The House Sparrows are Egg-specting! — 5 Comments

  1. When the birds first started incubating the eggs, both the male and female undertook this task. Now that the chicks are due to hatch, it seems that the female is doing most of the incubating. The male never incubates the eggs at night.

  2. It looks like the chicks have started to hatch. It’s very hard to see because there’s quite a lot of glare in the box at the moment but there’s definitely movement in the nest whilst the female is out.

    • Well spotted! I think they started hatching some time after midday, so they’re only a few hours old!

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