Taking shelter from snowy weather

Many of our small garden birds will have been having a tough time during the recent cold spell. You can make a big difference by putting out food for them but don’t forget they will also need water, since many natural sources will be frozen.

With the snow  blanketing the fields, you may be lucky to see some birds which normally wouldn’t visit gardens. I’ve had several visits from Redwings in my garden this week. These small thrushes usually feed on berries and worms in hedgerows and fields.

Our colour birdcam was online over last weekend and Monday, and I was really surprised to spot a blue tit paying a visit to the box. It was probably taking a break from the cold outside.

Have you been looking after your garden birds this winter? What birds or wild animals have you spotted? Try some detective work in your garden whilst the snow’s still lying, you might spot some animal or bird tracks which could help you identify some of your visitors. Have a look on the BBC AutumnWatch website for some animal track pictures or download a track sheet from BBC Breathing Spaces.


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