Moth Trapping – 6th September 2021

The moth trap was set up after school on 6th September near the bird hide and emptied the following morning by Kingfisher Class. Many moths will have escaped because of the warm temperatures and no attempt was made to count the moths! However, a great time was had trying to catch them, and the following were noted:

Gold-spot, Ash-bark Knot-horn (Euzophera pinguis), Centre-barred Sallow, Broad-bodied Yellow Underwing, Eudonia angustea, Dottled Clay,  Large Yellow Underwing (majority of catch!), Canary-shouldered Thorn, Green Carpet, Dusky Thorn, Square-spot Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Setateous Hebrew Character, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Copper Underwing agg., Straw Dot, Blood-vein, Flounced Rustic, Brown-spot Pinion, Garden Carpet, Brown House Moth, Brimstone moth, Common Marbled Carpet, Common Rustic agg., Lesser Broad-bodied Yellow Underwing

Total of 25+ species including 6 new species (shown in bold).


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