Moth Trapping 12th June 2023

We put a moth trap out in the learning garden at the end of the school day on 12th June. The weather has been extremely hot for the last few days so we were hoping for a good catch. However, a burst of rain and some strong wind early in the evening meant that some were blown away from the trap. It was also difficult to count and photograph many of them in the morning as it was still warm, making them very active!

Children in Woodpecker class enjoyed letting them go!

We recorded 19 different species of moth, 3 were new species for the school garden: Poplar Hawkmoth, Buff Ermine, Heart and Dart, Green Oak Tortrix, Common White Wave, Ingrailed Clay, Small Square-spot, Marbled Orchard Tortrix, Small Magpie, Willow Beauty, Common Swift, Straw Dot, Celypha lacunana, Olive Pearl, Common Pug, Mint moth, Dark Arches, Marbled Minor agg. Hook-tip Grass Veneer.

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