First Moth Trapping of the Year – April 9th 2018

Peregrine Class identifying moths

The moth trap was set up by the hide on the night of April 8th, 2018 and was emptied by Peregrine Class the following morning. Mr Marriot arrived early and potted up any moths on the outside of the trap before our resident nesting Rooks could eat them! Our eagle-eyed children still managed to spot some he missed, they were very well camouflaged! 

Eleven different species of moth were identified and a total of 69 moths were counted. Five were new species for the school garden (listed in bold below).

Early Grey 3, Hebrew Character 37, Shoulder Stripe 3, Clouded Drab 9, Small Quaker 6, Common Quaker 4, Satellite Moth 1, Engrailed 1, March Tubic (Diurnea fagella) 2, Early Tooth-striped 1, Mottled Grey 1.


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