Colour Birdcam – 2018

The bird box image refreshes every 15 seconds. Check the time/date stamp to see if the birdcam is currently online. 

Let us know what you have seen happening in our colour birdcam box by leaving a comment below.

(Previous year’s comments can be seen on the 2016 Colour Birdcam Page)


Colour Birdcam – 2018 — 32 Comments

  1. When the adult left the nest I could see 3 or 4 eggs and the rest of the nest was a pinkish colour….. and moving, so probably 6 or so chicks.

  2. The chicks have grown so much over the last week, we can now see that there are 10 chicks! Their eyes are now open and you can see their wing feathers developing. Although they are left alone for a while during the day whilst both adult birds are collecting food for them, they are still brooded at night to keep them warm.
    We are hoping that they will wait to fledge until we are back after half-term but it will be a close thing, so keep watching the birdcam and let us know what you see.

  3. The final chick fledged at 8.20am having spent over an hour in the box on its own. The adult continued to feed it.

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