Clear out Time

The last day of term brought a break in the recent rainy weather, so Mr Marriot kindly visited each nest box to clean them out. We checked out each box for evidence of nesting activity from the previous season. The location of each of these boxes can be viewed on Google Maps.

Sparrow terrace 1 – two of the three sections had shallow grassy nests (Sparrow?)
Corner field box – mainly grassy nest (Sparrow?)
Silver Birch Box – full nest of mainly moss (probably Blue Tit)
B&W birdcam box – full box, mainly dried grass and feathers (Tree Sparrow nest)
Butler Box – no nest
Staff car park box – mainly mossy nest (Blue Tit)
Sycamore tree box – inaccessible, unable to clean out
Pond box – inaccessible, unable to clean out
Bird table roof – Great Tit nest, not able to clean out
Open fronted nest box – Robin nest
Colour birdcam box – droppings left by roosting Great Tit (did not clean out)

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