Bird Box Clear Out

The school’s bird boxes have been cleaned out ready for this year’s nesting season – thank you Mr Marriot for helping once again!

All the boxes showed signs of having been used; six had nests in them and the rest had been used for roosting.

Sparrow terrace 1 –  one section had a partial nest of dried grass and moss and the other two had droppings
Sparrow terrace 2 –  all  three sections had droppings in them (roosting birds)
Corner field box – no nest but droppings (roosting birds)
Silver Birch Box – full nest of mainly moss (successful Blue Tit nest)
Infant Birdcam Box – no nest but droppings (roosting birds)
Butler Box – no nest but droppings (roosting birds)
Staff car park box – mainly mossy nest (successful Blue Tit nest)
Sycamore tree box – no nest but droppings (roosting birds)
Pond box – inaccessible, unable to clean out
Bird table roof – not cleaned out
Open fronted nest box –  nest, cleaned out
Colour Birdcam box – full nest, mainly moss (successful Blue Tit nest)
Flowery bird box – Blue tit nest (box now split so not cleaned out)

Box locations can be seen on a satellite google map

In addition to these boxes, a pair of Robins successfully nested in a bag of leaves in the school’s greenhouse!

Blue tit roosting in Infant box, 20th February

Blue tit roosting,20th February

When the birdcams are left running overnight, a Blue tit can be seen roosting in the Infant box. It has already added some droppings back into the newly cleaned out box!

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