A roosting bird in our B&W box too!

Both our birdcam boxes were cleaned out at the end of October, so imagine our surprise when we switched on our B&W birdcam  for the first time today and saw that it had a nest in it!

It looks like a blue tit has come in to roost tonight but is it the same bird that has been bringing in nesting material? Keep an eye on the box during the day and let us know what you see.

Update 26th February: The blue tit appears to have given up on roosting in the box at night but the nest is growing and both blue tits and tree sparrows visit during the day.


A roosting bird in our B&W box too! — 7 Comments

  1. A blue tit appears to be roosting in the box most nights. However, during the day, the box is being visited by a pair or blue tits and also a tree sparrow. Both species spend some time moving nesting material around but it’s not clear which birds are bringing it in. The partial nest is more typical of a sparrows as it consists of mainly grass rather than moss.

  2. The Blue Tit which has been roosting in the box every night appears to be giving tonight a miss. The Tree Sparrow spent quite a lot of time in the box during the day and some of the nesting material has been removed (the papery/leaf like matter).

  3. The blue tit hasn’t roosted in the box for three nights now, however, there has been a lot more daytime activity. A bit more nesting material has been brought in over the last couple of days but I can’t be sure which species is actually building the nest (both blue tits and tree sparrows are visiting the box).

    • I think it’s got a mate because I’ve seen two Tree Sparrows outside the box. I’ve not seen both of them in the box at the same time. The male and the female look alike.

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