Colour Birdcam – 2013

The bird box image refreshes every 15 seconds. Check the time/date stamp to see if the birdcam is currently online.

Occasionally, we also stream live video footage from our Reach Wildlife page.

Let us know what you have seen happening in our colour birdcam box by leaving a comment below.


Colour Birdcam – 2013 — 42 Comments

  1. A Great Tit has been roosting in the colour birdcam box for at least a month now. It comes in just before it get dark and preens itself before tucking its head in and going off to sleep.

  2. I came across your site by accident now I find myself looking at the Great Tit web cam when I look at various Peregrine web cams. Trying to catch it going in to roost!!

  3. 12.15 pm April 7th,Great Tit just leaving box after depositing start of nesting material.The amount of material in the box suggests only a few visits with nesting stuff.

    • When a nest has been completed and the bird starts roosting in the nest again, this can be an indication that egg laying is about to start. The eggs may be there but covered up; time will tell!

    • I think I can see the faint outline of two more under the nesting material. Hopefully they haven’t been predated; one year some Great Tit eggs were destroyed by House Sparrows and the nest was taken over by them.

  4. Thanks Dave, what a surprise to log on and see that we have chicks? I think I can see 4 chicks with 1 egg left to hatch. I hope they can cope with all the bad weather forecast for the next 24 hrs.

  5. One week on after hatching we still have 5 healthy chicks. Although their eyes are not open, they have downy feathers over their bodies and no longer appear pink.

  6. First night when the chicks haven’t been brooded. I hope they can keep themselves warm; it’s cold outside tonight!

  7. Sadly, it looks like the chicks didn’t survive last night. The chicks were not brooded the previous night and feeding frequency appeared to be less during the day yesterday. No feeding was observed from late afternoon and the chicks were not brooded overnight again. By morning there was no movement from the chicks. It’s possible that something happened to the adult female and the male was unable to provide sufficient food, particularly as the weather was particularly bad yesterday. A shame because the weather has improved dramatically this weekend.

    • I’m not sure whether they would around here, I think they can go for second broods further south where they tend to start nesting a bit earlier. There’s plenty of nest boxes around school if they want to try again, assuming both adults are still around.

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