Brackenfield Well Dressing 23-25th May


Come along to Brackenfield over the bank holiday weekend and have a look at the school well dressing along with others by Wessington School and the church.

The theme this year is ‘anniversaries’ and we have chosen the 75th anniversary of Bugs Bunny’s first appearance on the silver screen.

well dressing 2015
Anniversaries, Bugs Bunny – 2015

The well dressing has been designed and made by children, staff and friends of Stretton Handley Primary School. The frame was brought to school for us to work on during the week and we have used natural material, leaves, petals and seeds to make the design. The central panel is Bugs Bunny and the side panels show some of the other famous Looney Tunes characters, including Road Runner, Daffy Duck, Tweety Pie and the Tasmanian devil.

Past well dressings made by the school are available to view to view on our website.