Well dressing – Fairy tales 2019

The Brackenfield festival took place over he weekend 24-27 May. Here is a photograph of the Stretton Handley CE Primary Well dressing that was on display. The children and staff worked hard to get the well dressing ready on time as it was a short week for children with the school being used as a Polling station. A special thank you to Mrs Mahadevan for organising and coordinating the well dressing and to Mrs Gill, Mrs Cook, Mrs Fox and Mrs Wilson for their help and support. The theme this year was Fairy Tales and the well dressing incorporated children’s ideas from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’. Thank you to all those who went along to support the festival at Brackenfield.

Welldressing Brackenfield
Fairy Tales – 2019

Well Dressing on display 26-28 May

Have a look at these photos of this year’s fantastic school well dressing. The theme is Children’s TV. Can you spot your favourite characters?

We would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Mahadevan for organising and coordinating work on the well dressing and also to Mrs Gill, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Fox for working so hard with the children to make sure the well dressing was completed on time. This year, our well dressing will be displayed outside Holy Trinity Church, Brackenfield, as part of the Flower Festival. The festival starts at 10 am on Saturday 26th May and continues over the bank holiday weekend.

Please try to go along and see the children’s hard work and support the Flower Festival.

Living Eggs Project

The eggs and incubator arrived in school in May. We all had a chance to watch to watch the eggs hatch and the to look after the chicks. Of ten eggs, only seven hatched and sadly one chicken died soon after hatching. Mr Cooke looked after the chicks over the first weekend and nurtured a sick one back to health by setting his alarm and getting up several times during the night to hand feed the chick and rub its wonky leg, so it could stand up and walk.

Soon it was time to Find a home for the growing chicks. JW and his family offered to look after all the chicks and they have been adopted by one of the family’s hens. See below.

Have a look at our photos……….

Caring for the chicks:

In their new home with adopted mum:

Brackenfield Well Dressing 2017

We hope you enjoyed your half term break and had the opportunity to visit the well dressings and flower festival at Brackenfield. The children did a fantastic job designing this year’s board which depicted various computer games. How many can you spot?

Brackenfield well dressing 2017
Games, Computer Games – 2017

For further information about how well dressings are made for photographs of our past well dressings, please visit our well dressing pages.

Birdcam live this weekend

Thank you Mr Marriot for carrying out our annual bird box clear out. Our colour birdcam will be streaming live video this weekend.

A Blue tit is currently roosting in the box and may also visit during the day.

‘From Farm to Fork’ Tesco visit photos

KS2 and Infant trips to Tesco extra, Clay Cross

Brackenfield Well Dressing 23-25th May


Come along to Brackenfield over the bank holiday weekend and have a look at the school well dressing along with others by Wessington School and the church.

The theme this year is ‘anniversaries’ and we have chosen the 75th anniversary of Bugs Bunny’s first appearance on the silver screen.

well dressing 2015
Anniversaries, Bugs Bunny – 2015

The well dressing has been designed and made by children, staff and friends of Stretton Handley Primary School. The frame was brought to school for us to work on during the week and we have used natural material, leaves, petals and seeds to make the design. The central panel is Bugs Bunny and the side panels show some of the other famous Looney Tunes characters, including Road Runner, Daffy Duck, Tweety Pie and the Tasmanian devil.

Past well dressings made by the school are available to view to view on our website.

Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2015

birdfoodThis term Kingfisher Class spent some of their tuck shop enterprise money on a large sack of good quality bird food. They also purchased a bin complete with scoop to keep the food in good condition.

The purchase has certainly helped swell the number of birds visiting the school grounds and the children were rewarded with a very successful Big Schools’ Birdwatch. For the full results of this year’s survey, visit the school’s Wildlife Blog and find out about the new bird on the block!