Our Blue tit Chicks are Growing Fast

Blue tits have been nesting in a box around the back of the school. This box is fitted with a colour camera which uploads snapshots to the school website. The eggs started to hatch on 14th May and we now have 10 chicks that are due to fledge around the time we return to school after the half term. To follow their progress, visit our wildlife blog and watch the live feed. Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you have seen.

Guinness World Record Walk4WildLife Update

Thank you to everyone who took part or sponsored the children for the Guinness World Record Walk4Wildlife event. We were joined by children representing our cluster of schools and set off on the Woolley Moor Trail. At 2.15pm, the designated time, there  were 73 people walking. It will take a few weeks for the record for the ‘greatest number of  children across the country walking at one time’ to be verified by the Guinness Book of Records but soon all children who took part will be able to call themselves world record holders! We raised a fantastic £319.50 through sponsorship for our chosen wildlife charity the RSPB. Well done everyone and thank you again.

Information on Walk4Wildlife 2017

Birdcam live this weekend

Thank you Mr Marriot for carrying out our annual bird box clear out. Our colour birdcam will be streaming live video this weekend.

A Blue tit is currently roosting in the box and may also visit during the day.

Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2015

birdfoodThis term Kingfisher Class spent some of their tuck shop enterprise money on a large sack of good quality bird food. They also purchased a bin complete with scoop to keep the food in good condition.

The purchase has certainly helped swell the number of birds visiting the school grounds and the children were rewarded with a very successful Big Schools’ Birdwatch. For the full results of this year’s survey, visit the school’s Wildlife Blog and find out about the new bird on the block!

More Chicks Hatch

The Blue Tit chicks in our Colour Birdcam Box caught us on the hop today by hatching earlier than expected. Head over to our Wildlife Blog for the latest news, pictures and video footage. Now that the chicks have hatched, we will try to stream Live video from the box more often.

Newly hatched chicks being fed - 12th May
Newly hatched chicks being fed – 12th May

Woodpecker Class Eggs-perience!


We have had a fantastic two weeks watching our 10 eggs, which arrived on Monday, hatch into chicks. It was lovely to have first hand experience of this exciting process and it was fascinating to watch them grow. Go to the school Wildlife Page for more information and pictures.

Don’t forget to look out for the Blue Tit chicks hatching out in our Colour Birdcam box around the middle of next week!

Eggs for Easter!

An avid watcher of our birdcams has reported seeing 3 or 4 eggs in our Colour Birdcam box this morning. The well of the nest is kept covered with feathers during the day but you might catch a glimpse of any eggs when the roosting Blue Tit leaves the nest at dawn or when returning at night. Let us know if you spot any eggs.

Blue Tit in the Colour birdcam box

Wildlife Hotel – WOW!

wildlife hotel

The children have had a great time working on the Insect Hotel with support from the Wild life Trust. The final product looks great and many parents who collected children at the end of the day were able to go and have a look and admire the children’s efforts.Thank you for all the donated items; pallets, bricks, canes etc. Remember each child can bring in an item to place on top eg. shell, stone, piece of pottery etc. We look forward to seeing what creatures take up residence over the next few days and weeks. Mrs Mahadevan will be posting some photographs soon so keep a look out on the web site.