Jewellery Policy

Jewellery Policy Feb 2014

Following up-dated guidance from the local authority (Oct 2013) the governors have discussed and have reviewed our school policy regarding jewellery and piercings in school.

Our school code of dress policy (reviewed and distributed to parents in July 2013) clearly explains that jewellery is not to be worn in school, apart from a watch and small, plain, STUD earrings due to health and safety concerns. The policy also states that all jewellery and ear rings must be removed for PE and swimming and that if the child is unable to remove earrings themselves then they should not be worn on PE / swimming days.

To clarify the issue of pierced ears further – If your child has pierced ears then the governors request that your child be provided with a small box or container in which to place earrings during PE, swimming and practical activities. Staff will not under any circumstances be expected to or allowed to remove any earrings being worn by a young person. Your child remains responsible for the ‘jewellery’ / watch and the box should be clearly named and placed safely in the child’s bag.

If parents are thinking of allowing their children to have their ears pierced then they need to ensure this is done at the start of the summer holiday so that the studs can be removed for PE / swimming / drama / technology sessions when the child returns to school in September.

 Where removal of stud earrings is not possible as ears have been pierced and this has been done in school term time and not healed, then parents should be aware that their child may have to “sit out of certain activities and only be involved in a way which avoids direct, physical participation/” (LEA Oct 2013).

We do not allow the taping up of pierced ears either during or after the healing period.

If the stud was caught hard enough it could still pierce the tape and penetrate the skin behind the ear.  Removal of tape from either stud or small sleeper type jewellery, if not done carefully can cause an injury in itself and some pupils are allergic to ‘elastoplast’ type tape. Taping up of ear-rings for swimming is not allowed as it is not an appropriate safeguard due to the risk of the tape coming off in the water and causing a choking hazard to other swimmers”. ( LEA guidance Oct 2013)

The school should not accept as an alternative to the removal of jewellery, a parent’s/carer’s assurance that he/she will not hold the school liable in the event of an accident/incident.  The parent/carer cannot accept liability for injury to the pupils during school activities.  This is not allowed by UK or European legislation or Civil Law.” ( LEA guidance Oct 2013)

A full copy of the school dress code policy is available on the information page of the school website.