Diwali Day Thursday 6th Nov

We have organised a Diwali day at school on Thursday 6th November. The children will work in mixed age ‘family’ groups and take part in a variety of workshops to learn about why and how this Hindu and Sikh festival is celebrated, including making rangoli patterns and mendhi designs as well as finding out why Diwali is a festival of light. Later on in the term as we approach Christmas – the christian festival of light , the children will be able to explore the similarities and differences in how the festivals are celebrated

There is no charge for the workshops as staff are running the activities and school will provide the materials. However we would like your help. Does anyone have any resources that we could borrow and display? eg postcards, Diwali cards, pictures, photographs of Diwali celebrations or saris, Sikh or Hindu jewellery etc. If so please send them in before Thursday. Thank you very much.